Splittings Atoms EP

Continuing our penchant for high quality dancefloor monsters, we unleash another EP from
the up and coming studio partnership of Loco & Jam who bring us the "Splitting Atoms EP". Showcasing their versatility and considerable composition prowess, they have indulged us with 2 original productions of the highest order.
Up first, the titular "Splitting Atoms" presents a pounding, repetitive bassline that serves as a backbone to a crazy, oscillating percussive sound, that permeates the arrangement and drives affairs forward.
"Code Red", takes a suitably indiscreet approach, getting right down to business with it's rising and falling, shuffling synth lines and FX galore. Surely not for the faint of heart and definitely one to certainly heat things up on the larger floors!
Keep your eyes on these guys as they drop another massive release and look set to take things to the next level in the coming months!


Splittings Atoms EPartist(s): Loco & Jam
Splitting Atoms

catalogue number: 1605-012
format: digital
release date: 22.09.2009


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Splittings Atoms EPartist(s): Loco & Jam
Code Red

catalogue number: 1605-012
format: digital
release date: 22.09.2009


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Selected feedbacks:

Adam Beyer
great stuff! will play and support splitting atoms. Like track names as well, splitting atoms was an old group on belgian label re-load and code red.....yeah. 90´s !

Stephan Bodzin
code red will be my weapon for the big rooms ;-)

Len Faki

gonna play splitting atoms - support!

Danny Howells
Sounds great!! Will give this a spin, thanks!

Pig and Dan
Splitting Atoms Kick ass !

DJ Hell
i will play !

nice tekno ep !

I like it. Great Sound!

Marco Bailey
Amazing Tunes !! Splitting Atoms = BOMB !!

Jim Rivers
go on loco & jam....great to see these boys going from strength to strength. big sound and they have there own sound. code red here for me when i need to bang it!

Great techno tracks. Both of them

Orde Meikle (Slam)
good artists - tough trax - like this!

Anthony Pappa
Both tracks are really good. My favourite is "Splitting Atoms" and l will play this out. Thanks.

Dave Seaman

Jim Masters
top driving percussion going on here!

cool stuff!


Anderson Noise
Code Red is great!!!

Mason (Great Stuff)
This is the kinda promo I hoped to receive ! Thank you - amazing !

Marco V
Great groove, love the splitting atoms track !

Paul Oakenfold
Red Code is massive. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

Alan Fitzpatrick (8 Side Dice)
cool release. heavy stuff!

Psycatron (Excentric)
top notch yet again from Loco & Jam

Big large and having it....

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