Phunkin Again

Olav Basoski and Alex van Alff actually met in the early 2000's when Olav kept playing and charting Alex's track called "Phunkin". The two had a couple of email conversations and at some point Olav had a gig in Alex's hometown, where the two actually met personally for the first time. "Phunkin Again" is essentially a remake of Alex's track, including the witty 'needle off' break in the middle. The two have been working together on multiple productions ever since.


Phunkin Againartist(s): Alex van Alff
Olav Basoski
Alex van Alff & Olav Basoski - Phunkin Again (Original Mix)

catalogue number: 1605-167
format: digital
release date: 03.03.14 on Beatport.


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