If done right, starting a new label is always a hard thing to do. It’s an energy and time
consuming process. So it’s not a surprise Umek spent a whole year finding the right sonic blend that perfectly captures the essence of his new 1605 Music Therapy.

The honour was given to almost anonymous but fast rising musician, deejay and skater torn between France and the UK. An artist who hides his true identity behind the VoRr project, formed in the beginning of 2008. So, who is this VoRr guy, you ask.

Well, it’s not for you to know. ‘Cause in this case, the point is not who. It’s all about what. VoRr is Music. VoRr is Therapy. It’s the blissfull Future. And although it presents itself as an outlaw under the code of 1.333, the true spirit of VoRr is caught in the 1605. VoRr is about the melodies, mental hauling and huge breakdowns that destroy the dance floor. VoRr feels like sweet love and paranoia at the same time. VoRr is a thing of passion. So don’t be surprised when VoRr takes over your mind and body this summer.

Because it will! And as the 1605 Music Therapy is imminent - you will be VoRred.


Outlawsartist(s): Vorr

catalogue number: 1605-D001
format: digital
release date: 07.07.08
written and produced by voRr


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Outlawsartist(s): Vorr
project 1.333

catalogue number: 1605-D001
format: digital
release date: 07.07.08
written and produced by voRr


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Selected feedbacks:

"Outlaws is wonky as fuck! Love it!"

Dave Dresden
"Wow! Outlaws!"

Josh Gabriel
"Love both of these tracks. Musical techno that goes there is hard to find!"

King Unique
"Sounds good. Will support."

Jori Hulkkonen
"Outlaws. Just love it! Powerplay guaranteed this summer!"

Dean Coleman
"Outlaws is excellent!"

Dave Seaman
"Music Therapy indeed. Sounds familiar. Oh well, the tunes good! I’ll grant you that!"

Markus Schulz
"Outlaws is really good."

DJ Yellow
"Very spacey… I love it! Outlaw!"

"Outlaws is amazing, super strong EP!"

Judge Jules
"Sounds cool!! Will consider for show!"

Dave Jenkins
(iDJ Magazine UK) – "Very trancey, but very good. Loved Outlaws the most – Spacey and trippy, just how I like it!"

Dennis Ruyer
(Dance Dept. Holland) – "Outlaws is a monster! Will play on liberty parade Romania!"

Christopher Colak
(Dinamo FM/Acik Radio Turkey) – "Melodic. Epic. One of the best melodic tracks I have listened so far this summer. Like Mason's new EP i guess this EP will get charted and playes so much on open air. Very good. Trancy remembering Border Community!"

Satoshi Tomiie
"Liking both tunes, different, twisted and intelligent at the same time."

Sander Kleinenberg
"These are real nice. Support."

Laurent Garnier
"Love this kind of monsters, full support."

Hernan Cattaneo
"Outlaws sounds good!"

Mauro Picotto
"I like very much. Full support."

Matthew Dekay
"Can’t wait to play this in Amnesia! Outlaws is a fucking crazy tune!"

"Good trancey stuff."

Nick Warren
"Loving these big time!"

"Loving it! Will be supporting Project."

DJ Chus
"Sounds good to me."

Aldrin – (Zouk)
"Love the groove in Outlaws. Love the melodies! Great journey!"

Tom Novy
"Excellent. The melody goes in your brain!"

"Project I think I a good open air track for me this summer. Full support."

Jose Gonzalo
(DeeJay Magazine Spain) – "Underground track with a hypnotic touch. Nice EP."

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