On The Edge

Always trying to push the envelope further, Umek is no stranger to teaming up with other
producers. After a string of immensely successful collaborations, the 1605 leader gets together with Greek producer Christian Cambas, who has been making some considerable Techno noise lately with releases on 1605, Sabotage, Rusted etc.
The result? A track featuring all of the toughness one would expect from a release of this caliber, yet combined with a highly unlikely guitar riff that the two producers could just not do without. Carefully maintaining an underground vibe while flirting with big rooms, this one is another notch in 1605's proverbial belt.


On The Edgeartist(s): UMEK
Christian Cambas
Umek vs Christian Cambas - On The Edge

catalogue number: 1605-058
format: digital
release date: 21.02.2011 on Beatport.


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Selected feedbacks:

John Digweed (Bedrock) - good stuff
Stefano Noferini (Toolroom / Spinnin / Azuli / 1605) - I'm a big fun of Umek sound, great track !!!!!
Groove Armada (Tom Findlay) - love this
Marco Bailey (MB Elektronics) - ole 80's 70's 60's :) full support!!
Redhead (Mb Elektronics) - love it! will play!
Amo + Navas (Fresco Records) - full support from here
Kosheen DJs (Skeleton / 1605) - Cant wait to play this on the weekend.. thanks guys. ;)
Phunk Investigation - massive track, full support!!!
Mason (Great Stuff) - Alrighttttt, phat
Spektre - (Respekt) - Loving this...full support!
Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) - This one is a big bomb again !! thanks !!
DJ Vibe (Kaos / Tribal / Ultra) - Hot track! Full support. Thanks.
Beltek (1605 / CR2) - One word: Hit!
Richard Dinsdale (Toolroom) - Brilliant!!
D-Unity (Beat Therapy / Definitive) - Killer!!! Love it!
Mark Knight (Toolroom) - HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marco V (TAO) - Great tune!
Manuel De La Mare (303Lovers / Hotfingers) - great groove!
Luigi Rocca (303Lovers / Hotfingers) - Rocks!!
Axel Karakasis (Remain Records) - this track is a BOMB !!!!
Tom Novy (Nouveau Niveau) - Great tune!
The Advent (Kombination Research) - only quality from Umek.. nice collab!
Electric Rescue - once again !!!
Radio / Press Support
DJ Sender ( Send Rec. / DJmag UA) - Amazing! Great for radio aswell!
Paul Van Dyk (Vandit / Vonyc Sessions) - thx
Nathan Thompson (Kiss FM) - This is huge... Love it!
Tim Urbanya (Rush Hour / SI) - Nice one! Tim Urbanya
Magma Global Groove (Radio Italy) - support
Frank (Partysan / Germany) - cool stuff.
Marco Pellegrini (Differentgrooves) - WOW great track from a great collaboration, early support from different grooves!!
Fei-Fei (Feided) - absolute fire! going in the crate and Feided radio show!
Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) - Absolutely pumpin' tune, full support!
DJ Vahid (1015, San Francisco) - one word AMAZING love it
Eddie Halliwell (Fire It Up) - great, full support
Veztax (Vezotonik / Sub Cult) - Straight to the radio box .. Thx
Chloe Harris (Further / Proton Radio) - big sound here!
Brian (Global Dance Session) - This is right up my street, has a real energy about it !
Dean Facer (OurHouse Mag) - Very nice.... top track as per normal !!!!!
Virus AV Podcast - Excellent Techno!
Tomy (Glazba Radio Istra) - Very GOOOOOD!!! Tomy
Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast) – cool!
Anderson Noise (Radio Noise / Noise Music) - Full support!
Chris Stavropoulos (Insomnia / Free Radio FM) - Full Support!
Pete Gooding (Global Network Show) - solid track!
Chris Ward (Climax / Clubeducate) - Wonderful piece of music! :-)
Vince (Paris to St Tropez Radio show) - the break of this track is magiccccc
Rodrigo Baretto (Mum Miami) - Yeah!! A+++ Rod B.
Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt) - great!!
Spartaque (I AM Techno / Kiss FM / UA) - Great track! Excellent peak-time bomb in my charger ;)
Tom Wax (YOU FM) - Another killer tune by Umek!

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