Not content to simply sit back and watch his 1605 baby grow from strength to strength,
label head Umek makes it a strong point to make regular contributions to our output and so he has obliged with the imaginatively titled "OMGWTF" track. A superb new composition from Mr 1605 himself, "OMGWTF" is everything one can expect from Umek's sonic arsenal. Funky, pounding, innovative, fresh and a surefire dancefloor mover. If the title is anything to go by, we'd say you have been warned!


OMGWTFartist(s): UMEK

catalogue number: 1605-040
format: digital
release date: 16.08.2010 on Beatport.


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Selected feedbacks:

Stephan Bodzin - "OMGWTF?!?!?! 10/10"
Groove Armada - "pounding proper tekno with plenty of punch. love it."
Joseph Capriati - "great track from Umek!! full support!"
James Zabiela - "Massive tunage!"
Style of Eye - "Love it!"
Danny Howells - "More peak time greatness - does he ever sleep?! Many thanks."
The Youngsters - "GREAT AS ALWAYS.... "
Tom Hades - "Dancefloor killer !! "
Jim Rivers - "umek rules! more great stuff from the ever consistant producer!"
D-Unity - "Full Support, always sikk tunes from Umek"
Mason - "Love itttt !"
Stanny Franssen - "Indeed OMGWTF. Nice sample! full support!"
King Unique - "like it, clank & funk in equal measure"
Deepgroove - "Amazing music, as ever. Always in our box!"
Spektre - "Wow...another beast! This is going straight to the front of the box...full fire!"
Christian Smith - "fat peaktime business. i will hammer this!"
Electric Rescue - "cool release as usual :)"
Nick Warren - "massive"
Kaiserdisco - "cool track, will play! thanks"
Dirty Vegas - "Great peaktime track. Definitely supporting."
The Advent - "great track & title.. full support"
Cristian Varela - "Yeah!"
Marco V - "Great track great titel ;)"
Dave Seaman - "love it! a monster!"
Tom Novy - "Yes yes Umek brings it :-)"
Jerome Ism-Ae - "nice groove, i like!"
Joey Beltram - "Great Track!"
Mark Knight - "SOLID AS ALWAYS!!!"
Anthony Pappa - "Great track. This is massive. Good tune. Thanks."
Justin Robertson - "MASSIVE love it HI NRG"

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