When you see a Beltek release on 1605 you know what the deal is, so you just stand back and take
notice. Using his razor-sharp production to create a monster of a sound, we are immediately sucked in by a thick, funk-fueled bassline that loops gracefully under a throbbing sub. Offering a breather just long enough to give us a trademark breakdown, strategically placed stabs take over and a luscious, rising vibe shows us exactly how it's done.


Kaitenartist(s): Beltek
Beltek - Kaiten (Original Mix)

catalogue number: 1605-079
format: digital
release date: 12.09.11
written and produced by Beltek


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Selected feedbacks:

Chris Lake (Rising Music) - great!
Redhead (Mb Elektronics) - very nice !!will play!
Flavio Diaz (Drumcode / Analytictrail / MKT) - BOMB!
Hermanez (Leena / Great Stuff / Viva Music) - nice stuff, tnx !
Christian Cambas (1605 / Sabotage / Greatstuff) - Huge! Will definitely be playing :)
Axel Karakasis (Remain Records) - great track! full support
Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) - Will be another chart monster ! :)
Kosheen DJs (Skeleton / 1605) - slamming!
Da Fresh (1605 / Freshin / Definitive / Blufin) - Great one! Full support.
Stanny Franssen - On the playlist!
Industrialyzer (Kombination Research) - High Quality :)
AnGy KoRe (1605 / Italo Business) - this is so massive!!!!! thanx so much!!!!
Hertz (Q-Records / 1605) - This got funk!
Cristian Varela (Pornographic) - excellent!
Marco Bailey (MB Elektronics) - full support
Richard Dinsdale (Toolroom) - Wicked.
Phunk Investigation (1605 / Blufin / Toolroom) - B-O-M-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Knight (Toolroom) - heavy!!!!
Taster Peter (Trapez / Tronic) - beltek is the man! rolling stuff, cool cool cool!!
Joey Beltram (STX) - good stuff. will support.
Mihalis Safras (Material) - we have here a wicked stomper! luve it!
Olivier Giacomotto (Definitive) - good funky stuff, i like it!!!

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