Great rework of a classic. Fantastic. The bass line is wicked. Very cool peak time track. Big
room killer. This is massive. I am 100% sure that it will rock. Wow!

When DJs start making comments like these, you know there’s something very special going on, and it’s no wonder, because UMEK has taken a true classic and worked his magic to create a remix with a very modern twist and bundles of energy.

“Hablando” always was, and always will be, a great peak-time party track, and the Slovenian master producer has kept the essential essence of the original and given it that new punch and power to suit today’s dancefloors, which is all it ever needed.

Samim’s squeezebox-tastic “Heater” on Get Physical may have been a massive stand out tune during the summer of 2007, but it was Ramirez who created the first accordion techno track way back in 1991 when “Hablando” first appeared. Since those early days it has become a staple of any self-respecting DJ’s box.

The “Ramirez” project was created by the legendary Italian DFC (Dance Floor Corporation) label, and featured members of their in-house production team alongside main member Ramirez. Davide Rizzatti, Elvio Moratto and Ricki Persi were the musicians, while Alex Quiroz Buelvas was the singer and front man for videos and performances. What made Ramirez stand out from the crowd was the use of fresh sounds, great melodies and uplifting lyrics. Songs like “Baraonda”, “La Musica Tremenda” and “Terapia”, still sound fresh and full of energy today. Maybe this is a lesson for the young producers everywhere?

Now in 2009, UMEK has done a masterful job with “Hablando” by refreshing people’s ears with his modern twist on an all time classic. Enjoy!



Hablandoartist(s): UMEK

catalogue number: 1605-015
format: digital
release date: 27.10.2009


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Selected feedbacks:

Carl Cox - Great to hear this again, nice update of a classic. good job Umek..
Karotte - love it!!!
Jim Masters - killer!!
Christian Smith – This goes OFF big time! Great peak time remix!
Dave Seaman - Great update of an evergreen classic
Wally Lopez - Very Nice rework...support
Mason (Great Stuff) - Great idea!
Tocadisco - c-c-c-classixxxx... love it
Deepgroove (Lee) - fantastic. great rework of a classic. will be hammering this.
Anthony Pappa - This is massive and l will play it out.
Kamisshake (Toolroom / Yoshitoshi) - wicked... defo make a use of this baby
Jerome Isma-Ae - great!
The Scumfrog - DOPE!

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