Good Time (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

Superskank's epic "Good Time" gets the Olivier Giacomotto treatment, and even if you've been living
under a rock and never heard the original, you will still freak out with this monster.
An almost jacking rhythm section kicks things off, and the juicy bass holds everything tightly together before the anthemic vocal kicks in and reminds us what we're listening to. Characteristic, sharp stabs are added in order to toughen things up, while the drums grind away effortlessly into good times indeed.


Good Time (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)artist(s): Olivier Giacomotto
Superskank - Good Time (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

catalogue number: 1605-110
format: digital
release date: 20.08.12 on Beatport


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