Gatex 2010

Gatex is a matchless recording, a proper piece of the new Millennium. When it first came
out on Potential as part of The X EP back in 2001, it immediately crossed over the whole EDM specter.
And it became even bigger after the re-release on Tiesto’s Magik Muzik the year after. It was a favorite of techno, trance and house deejays and one of the rare outstanding records that didn’t ever get successfully copied, as it is a real freak of nature. Namely, Umek’s studio at that time was very basic and he couldn’t sync in all the elements that he wanted in this tune, so he released unfinished record. Thus it was a real surprise how big it became without the essential of every big EDM tune – the bass drum. Almost a full decade later Umek returned to the Gatex blueprints, this time equipped with proper studio technology and finally completed his masterpiece in the spirit of modern times. Or to put it in the words of his friend Carl Cox: "When the original version came out – it was amazing. And still is amazing. And it should never be touched. But Umek has reworked it. And the new version is fantastic. So when I’ve heard it again I just loved it. I kind of missed it when it went away and he’s brought Gatex back into the 21st century with a fantastic mix."


Gatex 2010artist(s): UMEK
Umek - Gatex 2010 (Original Mix)

catalogue number: 1605-047
format: digital
release date: 01.11.2010 on Beatport.


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Selected feedbacks:

Alan Fitzpatrick - "crazyness!!"
Koen Groeneveld - "epic!"
Cristian Varela - "fantastic!!!"
Funkagenda - "good, will support!"
Sander Van Doorn - "big release!"
Armin Van Buuren - "cool!"
Spektre - "A fine update that will slot perfectly into our it!"
Jerome Ism-Ae - "supppport!"
Hertz - "Classic!"
Dave Seaman - "insane but great!"
Olivier Giacomotto - "dope!!!"
Marco V - "yes finally ;-)"
Slam - "classic - loved original - cool remix - support"
Deepgroove - ""Amazing re rub. will hammer this, as we hammered the original!"
Dave Dresden  - "another year, another remix of "gatex" and once again it rocks :)"
Alex Kenji - "good!"
Ken Ishii - "Awesome rework. Thanks!"
Nick Warren - "a monster"
Stanny Franssen - "GREAT !!!! Reminds me on the good old days!"
Lucca - "Legend:)"
Tiger Stripes - "Another stormer from the man of the moment!"
Electric Rescue - "of course ! we need it!"
Tom Novy - "Madness!! I have to test this ;-)"
Anderson Noise - "Full Support for Umek"
Anthony Pappa - "I like this and l will play this out"
Mihalis Safras - "the classic is back!"
Alex Bau - "serious piece of techno! loved the original... :-)"
D.Diggler - "Ravetechno is back ;) "
Spartaque - "Great one! Full support :)"
Perfect Stranger - "It's a bomb!!"
Andrea Bertolini - "SUPPORT!"
Omid 16B  - "UN REAL !!"
Psycatron - "a solid update, this will work great"
Marco Lenzi - "Great!!!!"
Glitter - "Amazing"
Christian Cambas - "Not much to say here. Absolutely massive."
Dataworx - "solid stuff"
Piatto - "Great!"
Dandi & Ugo - "Super Umek great great great !!!"
Alex Di Stefano - "N.1 MASSIVE SUPPORT!"
Phunk Investigation - "We Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Andrea Roma - "This is UMEK!!!"
Dean Facer (OurHouse Mag) - "revamped to great effect :)"
Oleg Uris (Kiss FM Radio/ Ukraine) - "True thriller. Will no doubt tear the dancefloors! Will present in my radio show and support"
Feodor AllRight and Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia - "Umek = Quality techno. Without the exceptions."
Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1) - "Love it, huge!"
Eddie Halliwell (Fire It Up) - "Supporting this everywhere"
Tom Wax (YOU FM) - "The Original is a true classic and the 2010 remix is up to date!"

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