Blinking Indicator EP

The latest and greatest release from the fledgling 1605 label comes courtesy of label boss
Umek who teams up with up and coming producer Sinica Lukic to drop the double a-side
"Blinking Indicator EP" . As is customary with both of these versatile producers╩╝ production work, both tracks in this package bear all the quality and ingenuity they are renowned for while delivering a hard hitting, forward thinking take on modern techno-something we at 1605 pride ourselves on supplying!

Kicking things off, the titular A-side production ventures into somewhat signature Umek territory, with a well paced and programmed arrangement that enters around some well placed stabs and delivers a powerful tension-and-release effect with its massive, dancefloor-rocking breakdown.

"Hero Bill" on the other hand, takes a more subdued and discreet approach, opting for more attention to the groove and utilizing its tribal influenced percussion section and perfectly executed bassline. Add to the mix a cleverly engineered ethnic/synth sample that rides atop the groove, and you've got a highly playable, genre defying surefire winner.
Don't say we don't spoil you!!!!


Umek's a fellow whose success is built on the need to do well in a harsh environment. His beginnings as a DJ and promoter in Slovenia required he play music that attracted as many people as possible: There weren't that many people both able and willing to attend techno gigs. This has resulted in a kind of antithesis to the usual "genre-defying" type; instead, Umek makes tracks that sit well with Carl Cox and John Digweed, releasing on labels such as Renaissance, but can also chime with the more underground likes of Billy Nasty, having released on Datapunk.

On this release he's brought in newcomer Sinisa Lukic, and you can almost hear in these tracks the lessons that the heavyweight has passed on. That's to say that, yes, they're very club-friendly, with crossover appeal that would see them at home on terraces, in dark clubs or for the more upbeat party mood. However, they've done well again to create tracks that deserve respect for their neatly crafted flow and drive, with some cool little leftfield touches, like tribal whoops that sit amongst the congas.

Both tracks are rather similar, aimed as they towards the utilitarian jock, but the title track is the stormer here and takes most of the attention, whereas the B side clatters a bit more, with an Amazonian vibe. Usually I'd avoid anything this mainstream, but there's a quality here that would be boorish to ignore.


Blinking Indicator EPartist(s): UMEK
Sinisa Lukic
Blinking Indicator

catalogue number: 1605-V009
format: vinyl & digital
release date: 01.09.2009


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Blinking Indicator EPartist(s): UMEK
Sinisa Lukic
Hero Bill

catalogue number: 1605-V009
format: vinyl & digital
release date: 01.09.2009


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Selected feedbacks:

I love it

Stephan Bodzin

umek hits it again ;-)

James Zabiela

I really like blinking indicator. Awesome!


excellent as usual !


sweet one! hero bill for me

Christian Smith

super well produced! i will play blinking indicator at wire festival in tokyo this weekend :)

Olivier Giacomotto

blinking indicator is the one!!!! full support ;)

Mihalis Safras

awesome one from umek again! 10/10

The Youngsters

yesssss....!!! both are real bombs... i looooovveee them....!!!

Cristian Varela

Excellent groove! Perfect base! Keep that way my friend.

Mark Knight


Alan Fitzpatrick
wicked stuff!


Another top track from Umek....producer of the year in my opinion.

Oliver Klein

Blinking Indicator is a peack time bomb! Great track! Support!


umek on it at the moment

Another top track from Umek....producer of the year in my opinion. Full Spektre support as always!

will hammer blinking indicator

Renato Cohen

Yes!! :)

Pig and Dan

Like this a lot will support

Marco Bailey

ilove hero bill

Ramon Tapia

hero bill for me, great!

Joey Beltram

Very nice.


amazing release

Danny Tenaglia


Desyn Masiello

hero bill is rocking

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