Beograd is the former capital of Yugoslavia and today's capital of Serbia. It translates to White city.
One of the largest cities on the Balkans boasts a population of 1,67 million people that live at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

The city is known for wicked parties on rafts that float on the Danube river and where local and foreign rich young men often meet Belgradian hot, surgically improved girls, called »sponzoruše«. There are also some well known electronic music venues like The Tube club, Beogradska Arena, Bel Expocentar and Dom omladine Beograd.

The Serbs are also known for legends among dance music with Marko Nastić, who often performed together with UMEK and Gramophonedzie, who earned his name on worldwide dancefloors with a huge hit Why Don't You.

Young urban culture is highly present in this ex-Yugoslavian capital and young alternatives had a very powerful role in putting the tyrany to the knees during the nineties. With the help of the legendary Radio B92, young revolutionaries forced the regime of Slobodan Milošević to resign and with that the young people of Belgrade got their name written in golden letters in the history of Serbia.

UMEK's track Belgrade is therefore dedicated to them.

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Beogradartist(s): UMEK
UMEK - Beograd (Original Mix)

catalogue number: 1605-080
format: digital
release date: 26.09.11
written and produced by UMEK


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