1605PD123artist(s): Simon Doty




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The best techno and tech-house tracks of this month, selected and mixed by Simon Doty.



01. Mario Ochoa - Get Naked (Original Mix) [1605]
02. Dan Diamond - Let it Go (Acapella) [Definitive]
03. Deux, David Penn, Toni Bass - Party People (Belocca Remix) [Urbana]
04. Luigi Rocca, Piatto - Higher Feeling (Simon Doty Remix) [303lovers]
05. Phunk Investigation - Closing in Time (Original Mix) [Zulu]
06. Piatto - Punky Bell (Original Mix) [1605]
07. Simon Doty - Kids These Days (Original Mix) [1605]
08. Guille Placencia - Plaster (Original Mix) [Definitive]
09. Umek , Groovebox - Cause and Effect (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
10. Jason Chance, Kevin Andrews - Whatever (Original Mix) [1605]
11. Simon Doty - Block Party (Original Mix) [1605]
12. Mentissi and D-isorder - My Girl (Ruben Mandollinni Remix) [Prospect]

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