Davor Pavelic aka WorDa is borned in Sarajevo (Capital City),Bosnia and Herzegovina on
25.12.1986. Interes for electronic music show when he was in age of 14. When he is redorded his first podcasts on virtual computer mixing programs such is Virtual Dj or Traktor. His first live preformance comes 3yrs later when he was in age 17 in well known culture club in Sarajevo, Club Kuk. Since than he managed to play his style which is in genres of Tech House, Minimal Techno and Techno all over the Bosnia in major clubs such is: Alibaba Lounge (Mostar), Club Oxygen (Mostar), Dom Mladih Palma (Tuzla), Panonska Lakes (Tuzla), Dischoteque Falco (Brcko), Club Labirynth (Sarajevo), Bar Tropicana (Sarajevo), Fis Culutre (Sarajevo), Bacardi Club (Lukavac), Club Lucky Looser (Lukavac)... He also in that time managed to perform in corporate with few well known Dj's and producers (Sasa Savic, Sinisa Lukic, Vanja S-Cream, G.Edd, Ton Def, Miss Slave) and his biggest corporate was with Hungary Superstar Chris Lawyer. WorDa's producer career begins when he was in age of 22. No mather for his relative late start preforming as producer he managed to show his talent and potential in his first releases after just few months of producing. In this short producer carreer is manage to make a remixes for few great and well known producers such is: Ton Def, Caspar & Don Santos, Yuri Alexeev, Felippe Senne, Santi Miro. WorDa Releases: WorDa - Work Hard (Original Mix/Purple Edge Records) WorDa - State Of Mind (Original Mix/Purple Edge Records) WorDa - Kazi,Kazi (Original Mix/Whobear Records) Felippe Senne - Bingo Bingo (WorDa Remix/Purple Edge Records) WorDa - Sick Minimal (EP with Remixes/Purple Edge Records///Skate Remix 14# Beatport Top 100 Techno) WorDa - Dance On Guitar (Original Mix/Purple Edge Records) WorDa - Dislocation (Original Mix/Purple Edge Records) Thomas Nellson - Subtitles (WorDa Remix/Purple Edge Records) Albino - Dance to (WorDa Remix/Purple Edge Records) Ton Def - Dr.McLoyd (WorDa Remix/No Logik Records) Don Santos & Caspar - Floresta (WorDa Remix/Purple Edge Records) Yuri Alexeev - Abrasivo (Ton Def & WorDa Remix/Sex Panda Records) Santi Miro - 2001 (WorDa Remix/Flat Belly Recordings) WorDa - Ritmo! (Original Mix/Hamburg Aufnahmen) WorDa - Volumen (Original Mix/Hamburg Aufnahmen) WorDa - Who Will Judge You (EP with Atonic Remix/Html Records///02# Place on Nowtrax Top 100) WorDa & Ton Def - Get Up (Ep with Remixes/Hungry Recordings) Ton Def & Sasa Savic - This is How we roll (WorDa Remix/Hamburg Aufnahmen) Upcoming Releases: WorDa - Sensation (Original Mix/1605 Music Therapy) Malda - Robot Factory (WorDa Remix/InterTech Records) Miroslav Pavlovic - Leitmotif (WorDa Remix/Mafia Records) WorDa - Pitch Range (Ep with Remixes by Dandi & Ugo/N.O.I.A Records) WorDa - Rain At Night EP ( Tracks: Guzva , Rain At Night, Ritmo / Flat Belly Recordings) Sadder - Minimal Mosh (WorDa Remix/D-ser Records) Record Labels: 1605 Music Therapy, Flat Belly Recordings, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Purple Edge Records, Hungry Recordings, Html Records,InterTech Records,No Logik Records, N.O.I.A Records, WhoBear Records, Sex Panda Records, Mafia Records. In that relative short career his tracks was 2 times supported by Bosnian State radio(BhRadio1-Tram Ride Music radio show/Tracks: WorDa-State of Mind-Original Mix, Caspar & Don Santos-Floresta-WorDa Remix). He manage to start his own radio show named ''Electronic Elevator'' on youth Super Radio in Sarajevo. WorDa was guest artist on Hungarian Radio "nugen.fm" in radio show managed by Jonnie Pappa with his podcast "Fiesta". Hungarian young superstar Chris Lawyer is give massive feedback to WorDa's work with makin' few bootlegs on track "Who will judge you".


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