voRr aka Vincent Orr, born May 1979 in Paris and immigrating to the UK at the beginning of his teens, is one of the many up and coming musicians. The hard work and love of his art meant his music has shone just that little brighter than others.

voRr isn't about the popularity of the artist but totally about (as he would call it) the melodies! Which in this day and age is something that the music/dance industry strongly lacks. He is also in constant exploration for "gold dust" artists, buried in the vast mines of music. People who can relate are sure to feel the melodies produced by voRr.

As an artist his future needs are to see, hear and make music that will continuously evolve.?The key to voRr is to be anonymous enough to be able to let the listener enjoy the music and not the hype!


Find Vorr on TopDeejays: www.topdeejays.com.


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