Tomaz is Thomas Janssens a Techno DJ and producer duo from Belgium.

Tomaz is one of the men behind some of the biggest techno hits of the past years (Sunshine on Intec records). On Belgian national radio Studio Brussel he hosts a weekly techno show with international guests. As a dj he’s been active since age 15. He’s known for his wide selection and knowledge of what has become his passion: MUSIC.

Having been raised in the musical surroundings of his father’s record collection – ranging from German schlagers and French chansons to country&western and other golden oldies – Tomaz played his first rock and new wave parties at age 15. Mid 80’s he discovered the first house-tunes at the local shops and it wasn’t long before he took these fresh sounds to parties and local radio shows to learn the public about the new dance craze. Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Blake Baxter, Jeff Mills… are only a few of the hig profile names with whom Tomaz shared the line-up from the earliest days of his dj’ing career.

Later on he also went into the studio to produce with people like Filterheadz, Kobbe, Sam Ostyn, David Pereira and Stanny Franssen. “Latin Loopworks” and “Sunshine” (one of the biggest hits on Carl Cox’ label Intec and an instant techno/house classic) conquered the clubscene worldwide. In 2000 he also took one of his big passions (making radio) to a higher level when he became part of the Switch-team on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel, where he programmed and hosted the techno part of that show for ten years.


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