Tempered Djs

Taking their name from material that’s bulletproof the heavy-hitting Tempered DJs (Pete
Stanley and Mike Knapper) are exactly that! Their sonic fusion is as fired up as Eddie Halliwell and as tooled up as Mark Knight. A super-talented, technically tight twosome, whose signature sound knows no bounds, they blast out beats with a bass-shuddering twist. Uber-DJs, such as Carl Cox, Erick Morillo and Paul van Dyk, as well as the aforementioned Eddie and Mark, all pledge support for their productions, and they repeatedly storm the charts of Beatport, Trackitdown and DJdownload. Tempered’s ‘That Picotto Track’ even ranked in Trackitdown’s Top 20 Tech House Tracks of 2009. Meanwhile, as DJs, they’ve rocked everywhere from Sankeys, Area51 and Mission in the UK, to The Zoo Project in Ibiza. Yes, these floor smashers only joined forces in 2007 but rapidly won praise around the globe – emerging from Manchester’s underground to officially remix Britney Spears, and dropping a banging ‘Age of Love’ tribute in 2010..... Pete and Mike first met as school kids, in Manchester. They shared a love for clubbing and music-related mayhem and regularly hung out at club North, under Affleck’s Palace. For years, they followed their own dreams; Pete, always the more technical one, learnt several instruments and sculpted tracks, while Mike honed his DJ techniques. In fact, it wasn’t until 2007 that these party animals amalgamated to form Tempered DJs. It began in 2007, after Pete unleashed his debut track, ‘What Is It!’, with Petrae Foy, on techno label Sino. He then hooked up with Mike for production duties and their first tracks ended up being hammered by the likes of Anne Savage and Carl Cox. Later, Tempered DJs Vs Funkfreekz’s ‘People’ made the Top 10 of German trance giant Paul van Dyk, and reached 13 in Trackitdown’s Electro chart. Something clicked. Synergy sparked. Genres were defied. You could say their party-fuelled partnership was already a blinding success. In 2008, the guys went into overdrive, kicking out no less than eight fresh cuts on their new imprint, Tempered Records. They were even approached by Jason Nevins to produce a joint remix of Britney Spears’ ‘Break the Ice’ for Jive Records, and their second Funkfreekz collaboration, ‘Fuck the DJ’, became a 3 bestseller on DJdownload. This was a prolific year for Tempered, as they rolled out another eight turbo-charged hits across Clean Recordings, Second Coming and Phat Beat Records. .... Building upon this production success, as well as their club-thumping residencies at Sankeys and Area51, 2009 saw Tempered take it up yet another gear. They signed to Manchester Underground Music (MUM) and continued to hit the sweet spot, with a whole new bag of tracks. Collaborations included ‘The Wire’, ‘Rocket Science’ and ‘Escape’, plus they remixed Curious George & The Agent’s ‘Machina’ for New York label Digiprana, and H2’s ‘The Bus to Mexico City’ for MUM. Then their massive Kean's Changed EP exploded, sending ‘That Picotto Track’ flying to the 1 slot on Trackitdown’s Tech chart – and it rode high in their Top 20 Tech House Chart of the year. 2009 also saw the guys breathe new life into one of their all-time favourites tunes – ‘Age of Love’ (by Age of Love). By turning this pioneering, trance anthem into a ticking, techno time bomb, they started a revival that has ignited floors, universally. Ahead of a release on Belgium’s N.E.W.S., its impact was immediately recognised by the elite. These include Lucien Foort, DJ Karotte, and don Carl Cox, who used it to raise the roof during a main room, peak-time session at Space Ibiza, and on his radio show, while Danny Rampling reckons it’s one of the best interpretations he’s ever heard. .... All of this, together with a live show that goes way beyond effects, loops and a cappellas, proves their passion, and that their rapid ascent is justified. Yes, Tempered are exactly what it says on the tin – and stronger than ever in 2010! .. .. Tempered DJ's appear exclusively for Manchester Underground Music.


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