The name "Piatto" stands for a combo, that is the brothers Davide and Alessandro.
Since his childhood Alessandro follows his brother's group called N.O.I.A.
The N.O.I.A is probably the first Italian electronic musical group founded in 1978 by Davide Piatto and Bruno Magnani.
In those years Alessandro is acquainted with Electronic Music and New Wave starting playing drum machine and synthetizers.
At the beginning of the 80's he produces demo tapes and starts to play live performances with various groups.
In 1986 he plays dj sets with a punk style then, later on, they will become more techno.
For what about Davide:
"Claudio "Mozart" Rispoli, Davide Piatto and N.O.I.A., Alexander Robotnik, the DFC Team are perhaps the main characters of a new style of music that can be called "Nouvelle Vague" which has influuenced the traditional idea of Dance Music.These people with their "homemade production" have managed to reach international hits of music by inventing their peculiar and stylish music.
[...]. N.O.I.A. represented the isolationsm of the province, they used the first electronic machine, the analogic sinthetizer, the ones that sounded just like a noisy bip but then will have become the stylistic mark of lisergic visin of acid house music; they used to play drum-machines that only Kraftwerk played at those times.
At the beginning of the 80's Davide Piatto produces alone in his small bedroom two tracks (Dirty talk, Wonderful) that the world won't forget: they were few minutes of repeatitive beat music produced at a very low budget that became records named called Klein and MBO.
Later on DJs from Chicago such as Frankie Knucles, Marshall Jefferson, Phuture, Farle Jackmaster Flash, wull trasform this cool energy in a masterpiece like "Love can't turn around".
House music found its origin, a new style of music was born, that is the remix and a new way of playng pop music. We can call it "music for no- musicians, but only a turntable and a mixer that will have been the two main elements of the music of the future.
Davide, at those times was not aware of lumat he was doing, he couldn't imagine that his homely productions could then be considered precious cult music by DJ Hell, Knucles and the Detroit producer Adult. Recently Adult asked Piatto to record a CD with the unreleased tracks of N.O.I.A.
Taken from "Last night a dj saved my Life" Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton - Arcana Edizioni (2005)"


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