Paulo Tella

Born in Galicia at 1985, Paulo with 12 years gets his first decks and start practicing his first
mixes with house music. With 15 years he played for the first time in the room Vertigo (Lugo). His main
style is based on techno (Tech-house, House , minimal and Hardgroove). With 19 years he came to live in Barcelona where he takes the titillation of sound technician (specialized in music studio production and mastering). He has played at venues such as: La Cova (Barcelona), Le Rachdingue (Girona), Blau Club (Girona), Keepers (Girona),Ciclik (Sabadell), Audium (Madrid) Caiman Club (Coruña), Fanzine Club (Coruña), Bogaloo club (La Coruña) ,Hipnotic (Calella),909 techno club (Lugo), Lipps club (Portugal),Input (Sabadell). He has shared Cabin at these clubs with: Ben Sims, Dylan Drazen, Pelacha, Jose Luis Magoya, James Ruskin, Pet Duo, Marko Nastic, Spiros Kaloumenos, David Moleón. He produces for Sonotech Records, Sexy Grooves and Freshly Made Recordings.


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