Nicolas Cuer

The legend may say one day that if Nicolas Cuer owes his career as an artist to his undeniable talent,
he also owes it to that that little spark that danced in front of his eyes, and would have probably burned his brains if his mother hadn't protected him in a love gesture that only mothers can have.

At only 25 years, Nicolas Cuer is recognized as one of the most talented and creative DJs of his generation, not only in France but also worldwide. At the time when famous DJs / Producers travel the world in first class and hook up with the stars, Nicolas CUER rather sees himself following in the footsteps of the DJ scene pioneer, Laurent Garnier.

Nicolas Cuer grew up in the south of France, near Arles. His sunny voice, his simple and warm manners speak for himself, even before he reveals his sincere attachment to the OM football club. Music and football have indeed set the tempo, in their own way, of the young man's life. Music has quickly become the young boy's best friend, while football allowed him not to completely miss the joys of friendship and youth.

More than anything, they helped him tame his body.

Because Nicolas is tall, very tall, too tall if we adopt the perspective of a teen with a lot of hang-ups - and when introversion seems to be the only answer to the wicked jokes- never meant to be mean but always offensive- which came from all sides of the schoolyard.

It's with his team on the field and in his bedroom, where he used to lock himself up and dance like crazy in front of his mirror, that Nicolas repossessed his body. It was at this time that he chose to shape his growing frustration and turned it into a strength. He kept on distinguishing himself, urging not to be like everyone else.

As for the little spark, it seems to have made its way. A few years earlier, a storm caused a tragedy during an ordinary summer fireworks. Mrs. Cuer managed to save her son but was seriously injured. After a long stay at the hospital, Nicolas' mother started a new career in the cultural services of the city. Nicolas then became the privileged spectator of a large number of concerts and shows. Fascinated, he embraced the fervor that animates the artists when they are on stage, he exuded the smell of emotions that run through the audience, and got drunk from the communion between the artist and his audience.

Nicolas is the only son whose parents have always supported him in his choices. His father taught him to respect himself and the others , and passed him down a tenacious will to improve and to succeed. Nicolas learned how to play the guitar at the age of 9 and soon spent hours listening and downloading songs at the municipal library. He accumulated songs for a lifetime and even more, as if he was afraid of the silence. But he also spent hours going through the audio catalog looking for a perfect rhythm, a rare cover, an unknown song.

The desire to share is the strongest. The music allows him to connect with people by making them dance, while remaining sheltered in his bubble of sound. He bought turntables after discovering Qbert. He loves hip-hop, including Doctor Dre, but also pop, rock, garage, soul, funk, house, electro. Nicolas mixes everything with boldness and has fun doing remixes of very famous or unknown songs.

He starts very soon to play at his friends' birthdays, his cousins' weddings... He who now plays in front of over 20,000 people says very seriously that it is much harder to mix at a family party, where you have to please people from 7 to 77 years old without selling your soul, than to gain a devoted crowd

As Nicolas improved his style, the rooms got packed and the clubs bigger. He opened a big festival in Nimes for the Chemical Brothers and Metronomy, he headlined the I LOVE TECHNO festival in Montpelliers, and was the guest of the prestigious Rex Club in Paris where he also organized several events. Nicolas gained in self-confidence and got tattooed from head to toe, just like an armor. However, he keeps preparing his sets the same way, as if he is a boxer about to enter the ring. Once behind the turntables, he forgets about the technique and lets free way to improvisation, remembering to systematically filter the sound in his headphones so that he can hear people scream, laugh, sing and give voice to their hopes and dreams.

Composing was originally a game that Nicolas used to play by hacking his PlayStation. As he gradually got equipped, he started broadcasting his own songs that he composed especially for the clubs. One of them, Come With Me In Space, was even played an entire summer by Carl Cox, which is an undeniable sign of recognition from his peers. Nicolas was barely 18 when he created his own record label IMPULSIF RECORDS which allows him to spot other promising composers, and to keep his early enthusiasm intact.

The young DJ is now producing his first album. Overwhelmed with happiness and love, he is now ready to build a new relationship with his audience, perhaps even more intense. Because even if the dance floor spirit is never far away from his compositions, Nicolas' inspiration has taken a more intimate turn. It brings up break ups, disappointments, memories, but always with a wave of optimism and warmth, as a veiled reference to the spark and the infinite love for life, music and people it spread in him.


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