Micky Da Funk

Gianmichele Nappi, aka Dj Micky da Funk aka TEKNOVA, was born in Scafati (nr Naples),
Italy on 5th April 1982, the 5th of 6 children. Being part of a large family, his early years exposed him to
many musical influences and his greatest musical interest and learnings came from the many musical artists of the 1980s. Gianmichele's older brother, Luigi, played bass guitar in a band during this time and watching the band playing, Gianmichele found his love of the drums. He then taught himself how to play the drums, swiftly purchasing his own first set of drums. He used all of his creativity to cultivate the electronic music that came to define his life. He also listened to the Prodigy, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and then when he was 14 years of age, he went to his first house music party where Little Louis Vega played - this experience, as a spectator this time, gave Gianmichele the desire to one day DJ at similar house parties and so follow his great passion for music. At age 15, he bought his first set of decks, learnt how to mix tunes and after these first years, started to DJ in many clubs - here really began his desire to also be a music producer. At the same time, the DJ continued to cultivate his passion for the drums in another group: Indy-Rock-NewWave (www.myspace.com/thetroublestrings). Teknova continues to search for new and experimental musical sounds for electronic music, continuing his passion for his prefered musical DJ tastes: house, techno, electro funk; whilst still appreciating the progressive and minimal house music styles. Gianmichele's production of music demonstrates his ability to mix a multitude of different musical genres.


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