Maximus Bellini

Russian DJ, producer, remixer, live act, and signed on many prestigious labels such as 1605, Sabotage Records, Hotfingers, IAMT, Neptuun City, Bosphorus Underground, Renesanz, Fun Kids Records, Miniaturesrec...

Currently, Maximus Bellini is working with labels Human Garden, NoiseTilt Records and many others while making new tracks with Balthazar & JackRock, PHNTM, Dualitik, Raul Mezcolanza, and other respected artists.
His tracks are supported by:
UMEK, PHNTM, JOHN ACQUAVIVA, Spartaque, Alex Di Stefano, Piatto, Tom Hades, Christian Cambas, Matt Minimal, M.I.D.I. ,Flash Brothers, Andrea Bertolini, Paul Thomas, Marco V, Alex & Filip, Andrea Roma, Balthazar & JackRock, Paulo Tella, Phunk Investigation, Sisco Electrofanatik, Dualitik, Greg Kutnar, BiohazArt, Jordi Castilio, Alexey Kotlyar, Max Freegrant, Tesla, Alexey Kotlyar, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Gaga, Markus Schulz, MCJ, 123XYZ, THERMO, BALY and more.
Maximus Bellini energetic and rhythmic productions are at the most prestigious on-line music shops.

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