In today's DJ saturated scene, it's tough to make that break, but when your first track is immediately snapped up by a Carl Cox certified label (Mad Hatter Recordings UK) followed by an EP offer, it's clear that Kyfu is heading in the right direction.
At 26 years old, Canadian born DJ/Producer Kyfu has taken his classically trained background and applied it towards dance music with a keen ear for which sounds gel together and what percussive elements will create the perfect groove. Already creating a stir, Kyfu's ever expanding discography has grown to include such labels as Blackhole Recordings / Avanti, Italo Business, Respekt Recordings, Whartone Records, Teggno Records, Omnis, Bonzai Recordings and has received DJ support from Umek, Marco Bailey, Fergie, Spektre and more.
A boundary pushing DJ while never losing sight of traditional DJ'ng, Kyfu's live setup incorporates a 4 deck Traktor Pro setup controlled by 3 custom mapped midi controllers as well as an additional 2 deck CDJ setup for sampling and scratching. This creates a bold, unique method of musical performance that allows him to shape and warp live music on the fly.

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