Jordi Castillo

Jordi Castillo was born in Madrid in the mythical 80's, a decade that influenced Jordi's live from the very beginning, making him develop a high interest and unconditional love for music.

With only 6 years he began to play piano and to study music classics, growing as an artist from very young.

With the arrival of the 90's, and being only 12 years old, Jordi bought his firsts decks and he felt strongly atracted by the electronic rhythms and sounds that made this decade "the golden decade of the electronic music", and that, from then, have influenced his professional career. His restless spirit took him to enter diferent areas of music experimenting and researching in different styles.

He finally obtained an audio engineering degree in the well known MK3 school at Barcelona, a fact that made his work to become more technical, and pushed Jordi to look for perfection in his production.

Nowadays, Jordi is creating his own sounds between techno, house and lately the new Deep. His compositions are full of contrasts, using from the more traditional sounds to classical, ethnic and even exotic instruments.

As a DJ he has performed in the most relevant electronic music clubs in Spain such as Elrow, Florida 135, City Hall, He has shared stage with some of the best worldwide recognized artists such as Carl Cox, Richi Hawtin, Umek, Cristian Varela, Marco Bayley, Ken Ishi among others.

Moreover, he is currently fully involved in his new project, to exploit the brand, record label and parties named "1st Rate Music", that bring together artists from all around the world, to create an unique style and atmosphere, to provide his followers with an innovative, fresh, happy and energetic music. The first references of his label have received strong support and good criticism from some of the most important artists around the world.

Jordi is also a member of the events platform named HappyTechno, in which he has organized more than 50 very successful parties in Barcelona. Also a new label has been recently created by the same team.

Jordi's future is full of projects, hard work and big expectations and he is full of motivation and love for music.

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