HotShot started making music at his old Playstation at the age of nine, but he quickly
discovered that he could make much better music on pc. HotShot is born in a very musical family, and learned to play drums when he was 6 years old. He played in alot of bands and made a good reputation as a musician. His interest for dance music has always been there, and his progression as a EDM music producer has been huge! At the age of 17 he won Muttonheads remix competition in 2007, and right after he got his first track signed to Presence Recordings. And then, in 2008 HotShot became one of the main artists in the uprising label L8-Night Records. He signed more and more tracks, and more people started to listen to his music. 2009 seems to be a big year for HotShot, especially after he got signed to Universal Music with his remix for Anything But Monday, and his new upcoming hitsingle "Standing Tall". Things seems to go his way now, and he works hard in the studio to make even better tracks!


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