Greg Slaiher

After his debut on Conditional Records (London,UK), Greg Slaiher is play-listed by artists such as Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance) and Tyler Stadius (Proton Radio) as well as many others.
His talents as a DJ and producer of minimal techno have been noticed, with Greg now releasing on top labels such as Nutempo Records, Flat Belly, Fish Rec, Hamburg Aufnahmen, K:lender Berlin, FHD, Killing Machine records and many more.
Greg's explosion on to the minimal techno genre has seen his remixes and original tracks reach the top 100 minimal charts on beatport reguarly. This success has seen beatport schedule Greg's own Beatport artist page, which will be available in the very near future.

Greg was recently elected by Nowtraxx as the highest selling French artist in 2010. In addition to this, Greg Slaiher's “Mademoiselle Schambourg , released on his own label WTR (02/11), made the top 10 on Beatport and continued to chart for more than two months !! And also his release wih Lutznkirchen is already played by the most famous DJ's as Richie Hawtin and more...
Stay tuned as many more releases from Greg are sheduled for release on WTR in the upcoming months!

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