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Fergie (aka Robert Ferguson) seems to have been around for while now, yet at 28, we forget that Fergie was just a lad when he began the amazing journey that is still riding high and he has never had a stronger and more vibrant aural identity. His increasing maturity continues with the ascent of his Excentric project that is making a real impact in clubland on three different levels; pushing new talent, putting on events and releasing exciting music.

It all started in Larne in Northern Ireland where Robert Ferguson, as his passport dubs him, grew up. At the age of 14 he finally left school and embarked on the passion that had engulfed him; embracing music headlong and becoming a DJ. It was to become a mercurial move that would lead to international DJ status with Tony De Vit taking Fergie under his wing and starting him on a journey that eventually led to his own slot on Radio 1 where he championed the sounds of underground on mainstream radio, before minimal became the du jour genre for DJs.

The show ran for 5 years and developed into a snapshot of what was going on in the underground electronic music scene. Guests included Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke and Phil Kieran (who both covered the show in Fergie's absence), Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, as well as providing a platform for many aspiring producers and DJs to show what they had to offer... the likes of Kev Gorman ( Gigolo ), Anderson Noise ( Noise Music ) and Matt Tolfrey ( Leftroom ) all received some of their prominent initial exposure through Fergie’s show.

Today he is free to play how he wants and is not held back by perceptions and tags from the past and continues to be a global representative for electronic music by consistently breaking down underground barriers and bringing new music to the people, without compromise. He has never forgotten that it's still just a rave, a place where people are trying to escape the realities of urban life each and every weekend. A proven forward thinker, Fergie has become a master of evolving his sound to keep one step ahead of the rest. Constantly developing and never standing still ...... for Fergie this is a way of life.


Find Fergie on TopDeejays: www.topdeejays.com.


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