Fer BR

Fernando Bedrinha, aka Fer BR, is born on October 1984 in Cambados. His first contact
with electronic music was around 2000 in a local club at his city, where the industrial techno and Detroit were on the loop. In 2003 He started to feel interested about DJs envoirement. Being influenced by Jeff Mills. Finally in 2005 he decided to start his carer. He gets fast use to play DJ and organize sessions because of his background using several softwares His influence in regards with techno are artist like Jeff Mills ,Derrick May ,Ben Sims, Valentino Kanzyani , Cristian Varela. On his carear we can find productions from Ben Sims, Phase ,Ligther Tief ,joey Beltram , Deetron, Angel Alanis , Paul Mac, Carl Falk , Bryan Cox and several funk masters. He had edited in all important techno groove labels such Patterns, Soul Access , Cobra , Adult ... to name a few and recentley he created his own label , Funk Me Recordings , oriented tothe funk/disco way and bringing this to the techno... Now is exploring new things like House and Tech house but keeping the funky groove inside. His productions has support for many established artist such as Carl Cox, Ben Sims ,Joey Beltram , Cristian Varela , Stacey Pullen , PHNTM , Paul Mac , Killa Productions and many funk masters in the scene. His music sessions are recognized for fast moves and his uses of the faders on three decks. His main style is techno and house mixed, and allways disco /tech /funk , in one word Happinness ;) . This young man had played in countries like Spain, Croatia , Slovenia, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK . Keep an eye in this young talenrt and Be funky!


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