Elay Lazutkin

Elay Lazutkin is the new project by the musician known as Animalis to the psychedelic
trance scene. Elay has dedicated three quarters of his life to music. At the age of six he started playing the guitar. At sixteen he got his music degree, and at eighteen he discovered his inate ability to write electronic music. At the end of 2008 Elay fell in love with techno, which influenced his psychedelic trance project a great deal. He liked the light, airy sound to the music; thus minimal techno captivated him at once. In the fall of 2009, the first ideas of the Elay Lazutkin project manifested, and his first tracks were recorded. By the end of October, having already established himself as the techno musician, Elay released his debut, “Freedom” EP, on German label Planet B.E.N. Techno. Of course, Elay's success was only to be expected. Elay Lazutkin received an offer to release his second “My Cosmo Cat” EP on label, IBZ Records. This release has received support supported by the gurus of techno. In the summer of 2010, Elay released 3 EPs: “Why Not?” and “Pitch Like Sex” featuring remixes of Elay's original tracks, as well as his mini album from the Italian Binary404, “Come On”, which includes a collaborative track made with fellow producer, “Tesla”, as well as a remix by Brazilian talent, “Glitter”. During Winter 2010, the American music label Armada Music, together with with Perfecto Records released new compilation. The track list included the track 'Let’s Take Noise,' which had been released earlier on the mini album "My Cosmo Cat." Later in 2010, Ilya released another new mini-album "Ibiza," rightfully released on IBZ. The release drew attention from absolutely everyone in the industry. The Elay Lazutkin’s tracks are unique, and the secrets of the aforementioned uniqueness are bassline and utterly insane effects. Mild, smooth, yet pumping and thrilling melodies, eminate from Elay's music as positive vibrations to fill hearts with joy and harmony. Elay Lazutkin puts people into relaxed mode, enabling them to find the spot of stable equilibrium between serenity and euphoria, and therefore inevitably become happier. Elay is currently working on several releases set to be released on several labels including: Toolroom Records, 1605 Music Therapy, and of course IBZ recordings.


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