Dyno, born in Pesaro (near italian club area of Riccione/rimini), discovers his passion
for electronic music and analogic synths at the early age of 15, in 1995 he releases his first single “Delta 9 thc”, over the years DYNO has confirmed himself as one of the most hyped and respected italian techno producers: his personal distinctive sound, an infusion of rave dynamics and techno gimmiks, is regularly by the best electronic labels in the world such Global Underground, Mantra Vibes, Umek’s 1065 and Hell Yeah recordings where he recently started a series of bi-monthly Eps… countless is the list of recent remixes and labels that have engaged Dyno for his magic tech touch: witness of Dyno’s sound development is the loyal crowd of italian infamous Cocorico, where Dyno is resident from 2004: the kids want Dyno!


Find Dyno on TopDeejays: www.topdeejays.com.


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