Damian Jacuk and Damian Strak go under two aliases, D-Unity and Elektroheadz.

Their D-Unity moniker is their progressive, tribal house side and Elektroheadz is their electro side,
together their commonly known as Damian Jacuk & Strak.

These two hard-working Europeans have their own digital record label, Beat Therapy Records distributed world wide.

Their D-Unity tracks can be heard on their myspace.com/1dunity . Some D-Unity tracks include Warning, Cough Cough, Amhara and God's House to name a few. They have also done a remixes for artists such as, Noel, Daggard and Morane, DJ Rooster and Sammy Peralta . Elektroheadz tracks can also be heard on their myspace.com/elektroheadz . Elektroheadz releases include; Magic Pill, Whoop Whoop, Smack Attack and My Lucky Number 6.

All the releases from D-Unity and Elektroheadz have ended up on the top ten Juno best sellers list such as their album, Butterfly Time. From this album their tracks, Head Shot and No Sadness hit number one on the DMC World Trance Chart. Some of their tracks have been picked up by such artists as, Mark Knight, Richie Santana, Superchumbo, Kobbe, Martin Accoursi, Peter Presta and their Only the Brave picked up by DJ Irene.

Jacuk & Strak hit Top 10 bestsellers list on Juno Records and DJMR with both D-Unity and Elektroheadz several times .

After encountering personal obstacles which brought the Damians together they headed on the musical journey they're still embarking .. months of hard work and determination Jacuk & Strak are stronger then ever. D-Unity and Elektroheadz started producing in 2001 and their skill, talent and sound are easily recognized by their fans.

With a unique resonance unlike the standard Canadian sound, Jacuk & Strak dare to go deep into the crevasse of the underground and deliver hard-edge bass driven beats with a side order of Iberican into their D-Unity mixes.


Find D'Unity on TopDeejays: www.topdeejays.com.


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