Deriwer is a pseudonym for Hungarian born DJ producer Tibor Toth, a producer who is fast becoming a name you would be wise to keep your good eye trained firmly upon! Tibor discovered the wondrous world of electronic music at the best possible time, in the mid 80s, when artists like Jean Michael Jarre, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and The Communards reigned supreme. The love expanded as Tibor became of legal age and began frequenting the local night-haunts in Hungary, where he discovered the underground sounds of techno, trance and progressive house. It was these further discoveries that lead Tibor onto the path of enlightenment himself, as he realized this is how he wanted to spend his days, entertaining and thrilling crowds with his own sound.
After carefully watching the DJs in the club, he set out and bought himself some decks, a mixer and added rapidly to his fast-growing record collection to practice in his bedroom. After he’d mastered the technical side of DJing, Tibor started to organized to play a few parties for friends, where word quickly spread and he soon landed his first DJ residency at a local club.
After a few successful years in Hungary, he packed his bags and set out for London where he knew he’d be able to further his craft quick, so he relocated permanently. Once in London he started to experiment with new music programs and playing with his own sound for DJ sets. Something that quickly lead to his own fully-equipped home studio set up, where he slowly started to dedicate more and more time to honing his sound and making his own compositions.
OH Records released his debut single ‘Inner Scream’ which lead to more gigs and remix work for various other labels as everyone tried to secure their fresh piece of Deriwer action.
After DJs around the world started to pick up Tibor’s tracks and give them the love they deserved, he decided to team up with a few like-minded friends, who decided to start their very own ‘Electroroots’ party series, which they held in the Fire and Hidden clubs in London. After they successfully established their own respected party brand in one of the most competitive clubbing cities in the world, he’s start continued to rise, as his international bookings kept growing.


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