Dataminions shared music interests in studio NSK and in three years merged their ideas
under alias Dataminions. Dataminions musical way is from beginning twisted with characteristical electro sounds. Many years of Dj-ing on numerous dance floors, overheated their mixing output also with a bit harder electro-techno rhythms and ebm. First products of this creative energy cought interests of biggest slovenian, world well known band Laibach. Their Bach 7 remix contributed to Laibach's Bach remixes single and was very nicely welcomed. As followup they engaged a remix DatatraxEP, released on N.O.I.A. records, sublabel of Italo business records, Shadow EP on Stolen moments, Lucca - Manufacturing - Dataminions remix on Sound of Acapulco, Boltzmann - Minerva - Dataminions remix on Cinematique, Tony Weimar - Der weg - Dataminions remix on Sex Panda Rec. In future their plan is to make a live duo, agregating old school analog synths with computer as a newage instrument.


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