Cutoff was first recognised for his productions by Australia's number one DJ Ajax. The track
called Bounce That became a club hit and could always be heard in Ajax's sets. It didn't take long for Ministry Of sound to contact Cutoff and then sign Bounce That plus Take It Back in 2007. Bounce That charted number 6 in the Aria dance charts and also made it into the Beatport charts. After that the remixes began for labels & artists like Sweat it out, bambam music, Hussle, Ministry of Sound, Jetset Music, Bon Johnson, Nelly Furtardo and Bloc Party. With his remixes of major artist Nelly furtardo and Bloc Party getting major play from top DJs Ajax was in contact with Cutoff again to get him on board with his new label Sweat it out. His first remix for the label of Act Yo Age's track called Lucky 13 has pathed they way for many more remixes with the label. Cutoff has also been keeping himself busy with three new originals being signed to Jetset Music in the US all being released at the Miami Music Conference. Plus remixes for EMI most note ably his remix of Jackson Jackson's track called All Alone. Cutoff teamed up with his flatmate and long time pal Jon ohms and they made the remix become a major hit in the clubs plus at festivals and is now receiving major air play on radio. With it destine to be released on many compilations and all the big name DJs support this is one of Cutoff's most popular remixes to date. When not in studio, Cutoff can be found behind the decks in Sydney's top clubs, including Moulin rouge, Yu, Candy's, One Love, Lady Lux. His set is made up of his own originals, remixes, custom edits and all his favourite current tracks. Cutoff ensures that he gets the crowd screaming every time. With more and more remixes coming plus working hard on originals with guest vocalist, Cutoff is going to be one to watch in the future.


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