Cheise (present name Ilya Chuprynin) - is a DJ and Sоund Producer. Music for him is the
meaning of life. From childhood he has had a strong interest in music (He still plans to transform this interest into his dream of becoming a famous DJ and sound producer). When he was a child his home was filled with all kinds of different CDs and cassette tapes of his favorite performer. He received energy from listening to his favorite music and he grew closer and closer to his achieving his future profession. After some time his interest grew and grew. He began to ask question such as “ how was this music written?” and “ What kind of programs does the DJ use to play his music?” in order to find the answer to his questions, he spent many days in looking-for information on the Internet . He watch many instructional videos and studied different websites. Eventually he answered his questions and began to communicate with professionals in the music world. From 2005 to the beginning of 2009 he began writing music by mastering many programs. In 2008 was he wrote his first remix in the Electro style of the group “Chugunny Skorohod”. It was called “Afterparty”. Remix on track “Supramental feat. Jeneva – Butterfly” released on label Growing Reality in 2009 years, his track “ Open Day” was anthem opened summer club “Sunset Bar” (Energodar). Half from 2009 he start teach Dj. After some month he stay on the table front public in the club “Resto Club Ukraina”. Now he remember this event so: ” Up to now remember my tremble hands over table ,modest & not assured look in hall, but all was be cool”. In spite of not big experiment, he have time stay one table with that DJ how: KRYSTOF KOLESKY (France), Dj Natasha Rostova (Ua), DVJ Burzhuy (Ua), DJ Jass (Ua), Dj Sladkov (Ua), Dj RAM (Ua) & so on. 2010 years more time spare write music. On the labels MAFIA-RECORDS leave his EP album under name «Funk». In still time, in his plants, write joint tracks this well-known DJs and producers.


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