Agent Orange

New York City native, Agent Orange (NYC) has been performing around the world for the past 20 years as a DJ, Live Act, Producer and Audio Engineer. His music has been released by world respected techno and house labels: 1605, Nervous, BUSH, G-Unit, Vandit, Plant Music,Terminal M, Circle Music, Duplex, Teggno, Electrik Soul & Gotham Grooves, and more.
He has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious clubs and events. From main stage at the Ultra Music Festival during Miami’s WMC, the famous Tronic Treatment afterparties during Detroit's Movement festivals to legendary boat parties in Ibiza, holding down one of the first residencies at NYC's now famous Sullivan Room - concerts and clubs in S.Korea, festivals in North and South America. He's collaborated with some of the biggest names around.
From a young age he developed a deep love and respect for my own cultural music (Armenian & Romanian), while at the same time becoming very passionate about a totally new brand of music that was emerging - the Electronic Dance genre. He became an avid record collector (later worked at the famous Satellite records in NYC and had a vinyl collection of about 4500!) and began to DJ at parties all throughout New York.
After years of creating fans on the US east coast rave scene he brought his sound to the most legendary clubs of NYC: Tunnel, Limelite, Exit and more. Things went well and he decided to make music he life's full-time passion and in 2000 he started his first record label Gotham Grooves with his brother Deekron. With the launch of the label came many collaborations with big artists and bigger gigs on a global level.
After years of touring, producing music, and releasing on internationally acclaimed record labels, he moved to Europe so he could be closer to the source of the music that he loved. From his studio in Barcelona, Spain he spent the next 3 years traveling and playing gigs all across Europe and Ibiza while at the same time continuing to further craft his own music and also began working as a mastering engineer before returning back to NYC where he has his current studio.
He says "One day I will write a big exciting book about my travels: the incredible people I've met, the food (oh the food!), the really wild parties and other profound experiences but for now I still choose to tell my story to the world through my music and on the dancefloor!"

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