Remember the last love letter u got? This one is for u.

When I talk to u, like this in person, it brings me back to my first steps as a DJ. Born and raised in Slovenia (Europe), in a pocket country full of love, it seems just like yesterday, when I was a punk from the hood, dreaming of u.

But … today, u know, it’s been more than 20 years so far, thousands of gigs behind us, and I still feel like having an unconditional love affair with u.

U are my music. If there wasn’t for u, I would have never flown to endless destinations of our Earth. Yes, I’m still terribly afraid of flying. But hey, each time I pull a seatbelt on a plane, u help me out. Thank u, my audience, my inspiration.
Meeting u is always overwhelming. It’s pure magic to feel u - me being there on a stage, u giving the energy to channels, mixers, sound systems. No technology can give a melody if there is no u. No u, no radio show, either.

Even when I lock myself in a studio, it’s u I have on my mind. Producing new stuff, it’s u reminding me of what it feels right. No u, no label of mine – 1605, named after my birthday, established to take care of newcomers and unknowns on the techno block. No u, no production and no labels – Toolroom, Spinnin, Great Stuff, Intec and many more.

It’s all about u. Therefore remember, u are my reason to be one of the most productive techno musicians, producers, DJs in the time being. No u, no tour, no studio, no me.

U feel this cheesy? I can’t help it. It’s true.

Me is u, u are me.

Thank u.

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